50KW 15 way PLC
50KW 15 way PLC
50KW 15 way PLC
50KW 15 way PLC


Short circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, lightning protection, high temperature and humidity protection, smoke power outage protection, fire linkage power outage protection, current and voltage display, door opening and closing monitoring

Control method:

a. Switch direct control

b. PLC remote control

Box size:




The PLC intelligent power distribution box is equipped with PLC as the interlligent control unit along with monitoring sensors to reslize the external environment monitoring and real- time control of abnormal conditions. At the same time. it can

work compatibly with electronic computers for remote control

Intelligent power distribution management system: It is an automatic control equipment that integraters power distribution technology. PLC technology and now-industrialized PC contro technology.PLC intelligent box adopts the intellighent control method of 'step-by-step delayed and gradual power-on' and'distributed time-delagyed power-off',with avoids the impact of large load on the grid instandtaneously and effectively protects the electronic components of the display body, and thus extends the service life of the display

50KW 15 way PLC