Power Distribution Cabinet Installation Requirements

1. The distribution box should be made of non-combustible materials;

2. For production sites and offices with low risk of electric shock, open switchboards can be installed;

3. Closed cabinets should be installed in processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, carpentry rooms and other places with high risk of electric shock or poor working environment;

4. In dangerous workplaces with conductive dust or flammable and explosive gases, closed or explosion-proof electrical facilities must be installed;

5. The electrical components, instruments, switches and lines of the distribution box should be arranged neatly, firmly installed and easy to operate;

6. The bottom surface of the board (box) installed on the floor should be 5~10 mm higher than the ground;

7. The center height of the operating handle is generally 1.2-1.5m;

8. There are no obstacles within 0.8-1.2m in front of the box;

9. The protection line is connected reliably;

10. There shall be no bare electrified body exposed outside the box;

11. The electrical components that must be installed on the outer surface of the box or on the distribution board must have reliable screen protection.