Still don't know how to check the distribution cabinet?

As the name implies, the high and low voltage power distribution cabinet is the power distribution equipment used for power distribution, control, metering and cable connection in the power supply system. Generally, power supply bureaus and substations use high-voltage switchgear, and then step down the low-voltage side through transformers. Lead to the low-voltage power distribution cabinet, low-voltage power distribution cabinet and then to each power distribution board, control box, switch box, which is protected by some switches, new circuit breakers, fuses, buttons, indicating fire, instruments, wires, etc. Devices are assembled into a power distribution device that meets the design function requirements.

In this crisp autumn, when we use electricity, we also need to pay attention to the daily inspection of electrical appliances. Next, Xiaohui will explain to you the daily inspection of low-voltage power distribution cabinets.



Daily inspection of low-voltage distribution cabinets:

1、Regularly check whether there are traces of pest activity in each cabinet, and regularly trap and kill. 

2、Check the emergency tools of the low-voltage power distribution cabinet, whether the lamps are complete and normal, whether the crank handle and the fuse handle are complete.

3、Check the contact condition of the ground wire of each capacitor case.

4、Check the fan operation of each cabinet.

5、Do a good job in the cleaning and dust removal work of each cabinet.

6、Check whether the cable connector has heat discoloration (usually silver), whether the ground wire is rusted (whether the yellow contact is normal), check whether the capacitor shell in the capacitor cabinet is in good condition, whether there is leakage or expansion, and whether the indicator light is in good condition.还不知道如何检查配电柜吗?