100KW 15 way
100KW 15 way
100KW 15 way
100KW 15 way

Rated power: 100KW

Main circuit breaker current: 200A

Output path/current: 15 × 63A/2P

Single output power: ≤ 3.5KW

Rated input voltage: three-phase five wire AC380V

Rated output voltage: single-phase 220VAC

Frequency: 50Hz

Control method: multi-functional card intelligent+manual air control

Electrical switch brand: Chint+multifunctional card

Box size: 600 * 200 * 1000mm


Multi-function card power distribution box is designed with the multi-function card to intelligent control unit, to achieve computer control and remote control; In addition. the multi- function card power distribution box can also be equipped with sensors such as lighting sensor. temperature sensor, and humidity sensor. To realize that monitoring the surrounding environment of display screen. Multi- function card power box integrated with technology of power distribution, Multi- function card and modern industry automation equipment

Multi- function card power box adopts the intelligent control method of ' step-by -step delayed and gradual power -on' which avoids the impact of over load on the grid instantaneously and effectively protects the electronic components of the display body. and thus extends the service life of display, use with multi- function card to improve overall LED system performance.

100KW 15 way