30KW LED distribution cabinet
30KW LED distribution cabinet
30KW LED distribution cabinet
30KW LED distribution cabinet


Small size, light weight, convenient and fast installation and maintenance, multi-channel output, strong compatibility, and high flexibility.

High integration: It integrates multiple functions such as protection, control, monitoring, communication, etc., with neat component layout and standardized wiring, making it easy to use and maintain.

High reliability: Enclosed cabinet, avoiding direct contact with human body, effectively isolating foreign objects, with protective features such as short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, etc;

The distribution cabinet adopts a 'distributed delayed power on' power on method to avoid the instantaneous impact of large loads on the power grid, effectively protecting the electronic components of the display screen body, and prolonging the service life of the display screen.

Control method:

a. Manual button control

b. External signal control

Box size:





Wire set up and structure are simple and clear, and it is very convenient to install and use.

to adopt the time-delav power transmission function can effectively avoid the load on the network.

Can be Start and stop bv on-site buttons. operation can

also be switched bv external control signals.

suitable for various application scenarios without complicated control.

30KW  LED配电柜