Smart distro -indoor
Smart distro -indoor
Smart distro -indoor
Smart distro -indoor


Main Breaker:63A/3P+N


Output Channels/Current:32A/1P

Output Frequency:50Hz
Control mode: manual, automatic, timing switch, mobile phone wireless control

Electrical switch brand: Nandou + Chint

Dimension (mm):400*300*100
Specification of Main cable:4*10+1*6(mm²)


Wireless Smart distro- Indoor Features:

1, the box is light, space saving, easy to carry and transport, its line is simple and clear, easy to install.

2, safe and stable (in addition to short circuit, overload, leakage function, but also has conventional distribution cabinet cannot meet the function, such as leakage does not hurt, fault alarm power off, SMS reply, etc.);

3, control mode: remote wireless manual, automatic control and timing switch control;

4, remote monitoring: current, voltage, electricity, temperature, frequency, switching times, fault alarm;

5, protection function: short circuit, overload, overvoltage, undervoltage, over current, over temperature, leakage does not hurt the protection function;

6, practical places to use electricity: outdoor rainy days, wet places, household electricity, etc.