How to choose LED display power distribution cabinet?

The LED display is powered by a large number of switching power supplies, and with capacitive loads, when the screen is started, the instantaneous current is extremely large, which is easy to form an impact on the power grid and cause damage to electrical equipment. Therefore, for displays with a power exceeding 20KW, a belt distribution Power distribution cabinet with step-by-step power-on function.

The function of the LED display power distribution cabinet is to control the power distribution to distribute the electric energy to each load part, and to perform power-off protection when the circuit is short-circuited, overloaded and leaked. It mainly supplies power to the LED screen. It supports AC380V power input, air switch protection, and supports 220V power output. The chassis adopts a special design to prevent the possibility of leakage, and it is safer to use.


What are the special power distribution cabinets for LED displays?

The power distribution equipment adopts the AC three-phase five-wire system. The LED display power distribution cabinet divides the three phases into three phases with zero voltage for the display. The power distribution equipment can be remotely controlled in the control room to switch the LED display.

According to the nature of the distribution cabinets, T-Brisun distribution cabinets can be divided into indoor special distribution cabinets, outdoor special distribution cabinets, leased distribution cabinets (removable) and so on.

According to the material of the distribution cabinet, it can be divided into stainless steel type, cold-rolled steel plate type, iron sheet type, aluminum alloy die-casting type, plastic shell type and other types. The above types are the power distribution cabinets commonly used by LED display customers. Of course, some displays use special power distribution cabinets. Customers can design specific power distribution cabinets according to the specific use environment of LED displays.



How to choose a special power distribution cabinet for LED display

1. ‍Power distribution cabinet size

The power of the LED screen is different, and the size of the power distribution cabinet used is also different, so the appropriate power distribution cabinet should be selected according to the power of the LED screen to save installation space and cost.


2. Power and number of distribution cabinets

T-Brisun can customize power distribution cabinets with different power and number of circuits for users. 


3. Ease of use

The construction characteristics of LED display screens - many outgoing lines, concentrated strong and weak electricity, the product design is the result of years of experience in LED display engineering practice, fully considering the results of LED display engineering practice experience, fully considering the LED display screen The construction characteristics of the project fully take into account the special needs of the actual project. Choose products that are easy to operate and easy to install; the inlet and outlet connectors are reserved, and the on-site construction is fast and convenient, which can save on-site construction time.


4. ‍Choose well known electrical components

In order to fully consider the reliability of the distribution box, the choice of the main component brand inside the distribution box affects the power supply system of the display screen. The use of well-known brands and reliable performance is a powerful guarantee for the reliable power supply of the display screen. The selection of materials is based on electrical distribution Related standards. All accessories of T-Brisun distribution cabinets are selected from suppliers that meet national standards, such as Chint, Schneider, Delixi, etc.


5. Power consumption characteristics of LED display

Fully consider the power consumption characteristics of the full-color LED display, such as the high impact current, the distribution box can effectively reduce the load, and adopt the multi-section partition power supply method.


6 . Distribution box type

Different materials and different types of distribution boxes (cabinets) can be selected according to the installation environment of the LED display screen. The distribution control box (cabinet) installed with the LED outdoor screen should have dustproof, rainproof and electric shock protection functions. The grade should not be lower than IP43, and there should be a water seepage outlet at the lowest part of the bottom of the box (cabinet).

7. Distribution box control method

‍The control methods of the LED display power distribution cabinet are diversified, and PLC, multi-function card system, microcomputer time-controlled switch, button power-on, manual local control and other methods can be used.


8. Lightning protection device for distribution cabinet

The cost of LED display is relatively high. When T-Brisun engineers developed the power distribution cabinet, they have fully considered the application safety of the display for the user, and selected a suitable lightning protection device to solve the problem of power supply equipment encountering lightning outdoors. interference problem.‍